Welcome to the website of Clare Wilkinson. This site lets you see some of the paintings I have been producing over the past few years. They are mostly in the category of portraits and figure painting although I occasionally do still life and landscape paintings. The techniques used are acrylic, oil and ink. Many of the portraits and figure painting were first created in classes at 't Venster , a cultural organisation in Wageningen in the Netherlands where I live, or at STOK , an artists' studio in Utrecht.

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Click any of the pictures at the top to get more information about the work, a larger image of it (but still compressed for rapid download), plus a detailed picture of part of it. Higher resolution still can be downloaded separately from there. NOTE: you need to hover to get all the pix in a particular category.

All pictures are available for sale unless stated otherwise. Pictures with an asterisk (*) after the code can, if they have already been sold, be created again on request. If you are interested in a particular painting or drawing, just send an e-mail giving the details of the picture in question and we will get back to you as soon as possible.


Here are some links to other local artists:
Mavi Peña: bright, lively paintings with a latin feel and often featuring animals
Sébastien Gueydon:portraits and figures, both expressionistic and impressionistic in style

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